Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms
VOTE : 68.15% | RELEASE DATE : 2023-07-20 | GENRES : Action, Fantasy, War,
Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

Based on the most well-known classical fantasy novel of China, Fengshenyanyi, the trilogy is a magnificent eastern high fantasy epic that recreates the prolonged mythical wars between humans, immortals and monsters, which happened more than three thousand years ago.

CAST Kris Phillips

Kris Phillips

King Zhou Li Xuejian

Li Xuejian

Ji Chang Huang Bo

Huang Bo

Jiang Ziya Yu Shi

Yu Shi

Ji Fa Chen Muchi

Chen Muchi

Yin Jiao Narana Erdyneeva

Narana Erdyneeva

Su Daji Xia Yu

Xia Yu

Shen Gongbao Yuan Quan

Yuan Quan

Queen Jiang Chen Kun

Chen Kun

Yuan Shi Tian Zun Ci Sha

Ci Sha

Yang Jian Wu Yafan

Wu Yafan

Ne Zha Hou Wenyuan

Hou Wenyuan

Chong Yingbiao Tim Huang

Tim Huang

Jiang Wenhuan Li Yunrui

Li Yunrui

E Shun Xu Huanshan

Xu Huanshan

Emperor Yi Gao Shuguang

Gao Shuguang

Yin Qi William Feng

William Feng

Tai Yi Zhen Ren Wang Luoyong

Wang Luoyong

Bi Gan Yang Lixin

Yang Lixin

Jiang Huanchu Ding Yongdai

Ding Yongdai

E Chongyu Gao Dongping

Gao Dongping

Chong Houhu Yang Le

Yang Le

Bo Yi Kao Xu Chong

Xu Chong

Su Hu Shan Jingyao

Shan Jingyao

Su Quanxiao Wu Hankun

Wu Hankun

Xin Jia Bayalag


Lü Gongwang Willington Liu

Willington Liu

Tai Dian Xu Xiang

Xu Xiang

Huang Yuanji Liu Han

Liu Han

Yao Shuliang Figo Tsui

Figo Tsui

Zhong Zhiming Sun Rui

Sun Rui

Jin Kui Geng Yeting

Geng Yeting

Sun Ziyu Jin Zhihao

Jin Zhihao

Ma Zhao Qu Yuchao

Qu Yuchao

Cao Zong Huang Tao

Huang Tao

Peng Zushou Fan Wendong

Fan Wendong

Wu Gaokui Jiang Baocheng

Jiang Baocheng

Zheng Lun Aren


Su Quanzhong Mi Tiezeng

Mi Tiezeng

Shang Rong Senggerenqin


Yin Pobai Ma Wenzhong

Ma Wenzhong

You Hun Ning Wentong

Ning Wentong

Fei Zhong Zhang Jingwei

Zhang Jingwei

Fei Lian Yang Tianhao

Yang Tianhao

Chi Jing Zi Li Zeyu

Li Zeyu

Guang Cheng Zi Xia Chenxu

Xia Chenxu

Yu Ding Zhen Ren Song Ningfeng

Song Ningfeng

Huang Long Zhen Ren Yu Ying

Yu Ying

Ci Hang Dao Ren Wu Chao

Wu Chao

Ling Bao Da Fa Shi Yang Dapeng

Yang Dapeng

Ju Liu Sun Zhao Lei

Zhao Lei

Pu Xian Zhen Ren Zhang Zhenxuan

Zhang Zhenxuan

Wen Shu Guang Fa Tian Zun Song Duyu

Song Duyu

Qing Xu Dao De Zhen Jun Wen Bo

Wen Bo

Dao Hang Tian Zun Tumenbayaer


Zu Yi Mu Xiaobo

Mu Xiaobo

Jiang Huan Chun Xiao

Chun Xiao

Yun Xiao Qilemug


Bi Xiao Zhang Xuehan

Zhang Xuehan

Qiong Xiao Bo Qian

Bo Qian

San Yi Sheng Bayaertu


Nangong Shi Ha Ha

Ha Ha

City Gatekeepers Wang Feihu

Wang Feihu

Overseer Xiao Long

Xiao Long

Ji Chang's Carriage Handler Han Pengyi

Han Pengyi

Lei Zhen Zi Yan Guanying

Yan Guanying

Old Fish Seller Hao Feng

Hao Feng

Cell Boss Wang Qianglong

Wang Qianglong

Executioner Wu Hsing-Guo

Wu Hsing-Guo

Wen Zhong Nashi


Deng Chanyu Liu Chao

Liu Chao

Tai Ruan Zhang Yilong

Zhang Yilong

Mo Li Hai Sun Huangchen

Sun Huangchen

Mo Li Hong Senggerenqin


Mo Li Qing Alijang Kuerban

Alijang Kuerban

Mo Li Shou