Mean Girls
VOTE : 61% | RELEASE DATE : 2024-01-10 | GENRES : Comedy,
Mean Girls

New student Cady Heron is welcomed into the top of the social food chain by the elite group of popular girls called ‘The Plastics,’ ruled by the conniving queen bee Regina George and her minions Gretchen and Karen. However, when Cady makes the major misstep of falling for Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels, she finds herself prey in Regina’s crosshairs. As Cady sets to take down the group’s apex predator with the help of her outcast friends Janis and Damian, she must learn how to stay true to herself while navigating the most cutthroat jungle of all: high school.

CAST Angourie Rice

Angourie Rice

Cady Heron Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp

Regina George Auli'i Cravalho

Auli'i Cravalho

Janis 'Imi'ike Jaquel Spivey

Jaquel Spivey

Damian Hubbard Avantika


Karen Shetty Bebe Wood

Bebe Wood

Gretchen Wieners Christopher Briney

Christopher Briney

Aaron Samuels Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer

Mrs. Heron Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps

Mrs. George Tina Fey

Tina Fey

Ms. Norbury Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows

Mr. Duvall Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Mathletes Quizmaster Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Coach Carr Ashley Park

Ashley Park

Madame Park Connor Ratliff

Connor Ratliff

Mr. Rapp Mahi Alam

Mahi Alam

Kevin Ganatra John El-Jor

John El-Jor

Jason Weems Brian Altemus

Brian Altemus

Shane Oman Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Ben Wang

Ben Wang

Jacob Zheng Alexis Frias

Alexis Frias

Matthew Richmond Isabella Bria Lopez

Isabella Bria Lopez

Sonja Aquino Morgen McKynzie

Morgen McKynzie

Grace Porter Veronica S. Taylor

Veronica S. Taylor

Rachel Hamilton Stephanie Mincone

Stephanie Mincone

Taylor Wedell Gabriella Cila

Gabriella Cila

Caitlyn Caussin Jordan Gallimore

Jordan Gallimore

Christian Wiggins Ari Notartomaso

Ari Notartomaso

Lizzie Thurman Camille Umoff

Camille Umoff

Dawn Schweitzer Kaylee Kaleinani

Kaylee Kaleinani

Sophie Kawachi Allison Winn

Allison Winn

Caroline Krafft Ben Heineman

Ben Heineman

M. Obo Fernell Hogan

Fernell Hogan

V. Bowling Calidore Robinson

Calidore Robinson

S. Martin Sofia Dobrushin

Sofia Dobrushin

Teary Girl Grant Harrison Mateo

Grant Harrison Mateo

Tiny Boy Amann Iqbal

Amann Iqbal

Rude Girl Nahscha


Burnout Friend Gage Roark

Gage Roark

Theater Boy Soona Lee-Tolley

Soona Lee-Tolley

Band Freak Janna Graham

Janna Graham

Band Freak Matilde Heckler

Matilde Heckler

Band Freak Francesca Castro

Francesca Castro

Band Freak Nuri Park

Nuri Park

Choir Girl Grace Slear

Grace Slear

Choir Girl Izzy Bank

Izzy Bank

Choir Girl Kayla LaVine

Kayla LaVine

Choir Girl James Jones

James Jones

North Shore Student Garid Garcia

Garid Garcia

North Shore Student Jake Schwencke

Jake Schwencke

North Shore Student Ellena Eshraghi

Ellena Eshraghi

North Shore Student Kelsie Daniels

Kelsie Daniels

North Shore Student Elizabeth Witek

Elizabeth Witek

North Shore Student Alexandra Witek

Alexandra Witek

North Shore Student Brooke Johnson

Brooke Johnson

Longboarder Meredith Dunbar

Meredith Dunbar

Longboarder Hank Pekarsky

Hank Pekarsky

Teacher Sri


Social Media Friend Veronica Merrell-Burriss

Veronica Merrell-Burriss

Social Media Friend Vanessa Merrell

Vanessa Merrell

Social Media Friend Jordi


Social Media Friend Énola Bédard

Énola Bédard

Social Media Friend Nia Sioux

Nia Sioux

Social Media Friend Emely Moreno

Emely Moreno

Social Media Friend Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings

Social Media Friend Pierson Wodzynski

Pierson Wodzynski

Social Media Friend Mars Avila

Mars Avila

Social Media Friend Alan Chow

Alan Chow

Social Media Friend Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen

Social Media Friend Bailey B. Angelski

Bailey B. Angelski

Marching Band Joshua M. Baer

Joshua M. Baer

Marching Band Caitlin M. Beecham

Caitlin M. Beecham

Marching Band Samantha R. Borsari

Samantha R. Borsari

Marching Band Briannon E. Bowman

Briannon E. Bowman

Marching Band Ian A. Boyce

Ian A. Boyce

Marching Band Daniela Cassano

Daniela Cassano

Marching Band Danielle K. Catalano

Danielle K. Catalano

Marching Band Ismael Chino

Ismael Chino

Marching Band Gianna M. Cologna

Gianna M. Cologna

Marching Band Jason L. DeGroff

Jason L. DeGroff

Marching Band Kaylin E. DeGroff

Kaylin E. DeGroff

Marching Band Joshua P. Doody

Joshua P. Doody

Marching Band Christiana J. Doyle

Christiana J. Doyle

Marching Band Calysta R. Eachus

Calysta R. Eachus

Marching Band Kasey L. Ericson

Kasey L. Ericson

Marching Band Timothy S. Fletcher

Timothy S. Fletcher

Marching Band Orlando A. Galazara

Orlando A. Galazara

Marching Band Cameron T. Garde

Cameron T. Garde

Marching Band Sean G. Haight

Sean G. Haight

Marching Band Ryan J. Horgan

Ryan J. Horgan

Marching Band Teresa Kissel

Teresa Kissel

Marching Band Christopher J. Lucey

Christopher J. Lucey

Marching Band Megan A. Macneil

Megan A. Macneil

Marching Band Malachi I. McLean

Malachi I. McLean

Marching Band Colin J. McTernan

Colin J. McTernan

Marching Band Julien F. Miller

Julien F. Miller

Marching Band Lauren M. Molfetta

Lauren M. Molfetta

Marching Band Meryem G. Oldro

Meryem G. Oldro

Marching Band Connor D. Paul

Connor D. Paul

Marching Band Victoria G. Russo

Victoria G. Russo

Marching Band Olivia C. Tona

Olivia C. Tona

Marching Band Anthony M. Varbaro

Anthony M. Varbaro

Marching Band Nico A. Varone

Nico A. Varone

Marching Band Thomas R. Wilson

Thomas R. Wilson

Marching Band Eric Patrick Cameron

Eric Patrick Cameron

North Shore Student (uncredited)