The Passion of the Christ
VOTE : 75.01% | RELEASE DATE : 2004-02-25 | GENRES : Drama,
The Passion of the Christ

A graphic portrayal of the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life.

CAST Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel

Jesus Maia Morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern

Maria Christo Jivkov

Christo Jivkov

Juan Francesco De Vito

Francesco De Vito

Pedro Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

Magdalena Mattia Sbragia

Mattia Sbragia

Caifás Toni Bertorelli

Toni Bertorelli

Anás Luca Lionello

Luca Lionello

Judas Hristo Shopov

Hristo Shopov

Poncio Pilato Claudia Gerini

Claudia Gerini

Claudia Procles Fabio Sartor

Fabio Sartor

Abenader Giacinto Ferro

Giacinto Ferro

Joseph of Arimathea Aleksander Mincer

Aleksander Mincer

Nicodemus Sheila Mokhtari

Sheila Mokhtari

Mother in audience Lucio Allocca

Lucio Allocca

Old Temple Guard Paco Reconti

Paco Reconti

Whipping Guard Adel Bakri

Adel Bakri

Temple Guard Luciano Dragone

Luciano Dragone

Second Man Adel Ben Ayed

Adel Ben Ayed

Thomas Franco Costanzo

Franco Costanzo

Accuser Lino Salemme

Lino Salemme

Accuser Emanuele Gullotto

Emanuele Gullotto

Accuser Francesco De Rosa

Francesco De Rosa

Accuser Maurizio Di Carmine

Maurizio Di Carmine

Elder Francesco Gabriele

Francesco Gabriele

Elder Angelo Di Loreta

Angelo Di Loreta

Elder Federico Pacifici

Federico Pacifici

Elder Roberto Santi

Roberto Santi

Elder Giovanni Vettorazzo

Giovanni Vettorazzo

Elder Ted Rusoff

Ted Rusoff

Elder Tom Shaker

Tom Shaker

Eyepatch Andrea Coppola

Andrea Coppola

Grizzled Beard Romuald Kłos

Romuald Kłos

Roman Soldier Giuseppe Lo Console

Giuseppe Lo Console

Roman Soldier Dario D'Ambrosi

Dario D'Ambrosi

Roman Soldier Luciano Federico

Luciano Federico

Man in Audience Domenico Capalbo

Domenico Capalbo

Boy Valerio Esposito

Valerio Esposito

Boy Antonello Iacovone

Antonello Iacovone

Boy Nicola Tagarelli

Nicola Tagarelli

Boy Ivan Gaudiano

Ivan Gaudiano

Boy Chokri Ben Zagden

Chokri Ben Zagden

James Roberto Bestazzoni

Roberto Bestazzoni

Malchus Luca De Dominicis

Luca De Dominicis

King Herod Antipas Pietro Sarubbi

Pietro Sarubbi

Barabbas Abel Jafri

Abel Jafri

2nd Temple Officer Lello Giulivo

Lello Giulivo

Brutish Roman Emilio De Marchi

Emilio De Marchi

Scornful Roman Roberto Visconti

Roberto Visconti

Scornful Roman Sergio Rubini

Sergio Rubini

Disma Francesco Cabras

Francesco Cabras

Gesmas Andrea Refuto

Andrea Refuto

Young Jesus Giovanni Capalbo

Giovanni Capalbo

Cassius Matt Patresi

Matt Patresi

Janus Sabrina Impacciatore

Sabrina Impacciatore

Seraphia Daniela Poti

Daniela Poti

Young Girl Jarreth J. Merz

Jarreth J. Merz

Simon of Cyrene Noemi Marotta

Noemi Marotta

Woman Rossella Longo

Rossella Longo

Woman Davide Marotta

Davide Marotta

Baby Rosalinda Celentano

Rosalinda Celentano

Satan Danilo Di Ruzza

Danilo Di Ruzza

Pilate's Servant Vincenzo Monti

Vincenzo Monti

Herod's Courtier Danilo Maria Valli

Danilo Maria Valli

Herod's Courtier Nuot Arquint

Nuot Arquint

Herod's Courtier Abraam Fontana

Abraam Fontana

Herod's Courtier Valerio Isidori

Valerio Isidori

Herod's Courtier Paulo dos Santos

Paulo dos Santos

Herod's Boy Arianna Vitolo

Arianna Vitolo

Herod's Court Woman Gabriella Barbuti

Gabriella Barbuti

Herod's Court Woman Ornella Giusto

Ornella Giusto

Herod's Court Woman Michelle Bonev

Michelle Bonev

Herod's Court Woman Lucia Stara

Lucia Stara

Herod's Court Woman Evelina Meghnagi

Evelina Meghnagi

Herod's Court Woman Francis Dokyi

Francis Dokyi

Herod's Servant