Five Nights at Freddy's
VOTE : 76.37% | RELEASE DATE : 2023-10-25 | GENRES : Horror, Mystery,
Five Nights at Freddy's

Recently fired and desperate for work, a troubled young man named Mike agrees to take a position as a night security guard at an abandoned theme restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. But he soon discovers that nothing at Freddy's is what it seems.

CAST Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

Mike Piper Rubio

Piper Rubio

Abby Elizabeth Lail

Elizabeth Lail

Vanessa Matthew Lillard

Matthew Lillard

Steve Raglan Mary Stuart Masterson

Mary Stuart Masterson

Aunt Jane Kat Conner Sterling

Kat Conner Sterling

Max David Lind

David Lind

Jeff Christian Stokes

Christian Stokes

Hank Joseph Poliquin

Joseph Poliquin

Carl Grant Feely

Grant Feely

Ghost Kid (Blonde Boy) Asher Colton Spence

Asher Colton Spence

Ghost Kid (With Hook) David Huston Doty

David Huston Doty

Ghost Kid (With Bunny Ears) Liam Hendrix

Liam Hendrix

Ghost Kid (With Hat) Jophielle Love

Jophielle Love

Ghost Kid (Blue-Eyed Girl) Tadasay Young

Tadasay Young

Dr. Lillian Michael P. Sullivan

Michael P. Sullivan

Doug Wyatt Parker

Wyatt Parker

Young Mike Lucas Grant

Lucas Grant

Garrett Jessica Blackmore

Jessica Blackmore

Mike's Mom Garrett Hines

Garrett Hines

Mike's Dad Ryan Reinike

Ryan Reinike

Freddy's Security Guard Theodus Crane

Theodus Crane

Jeremiah Julia Belanova

Julia Belanova

Cindy Lisa Mackel Smith

Lisa Mackel Smith

Ice Cream Lady Xander Mateo

Xander Mateo

Afraid Young Boy Matthew Patrick

Matthew Patrick

Sparky's Diner Waiter Bailey Winston

Bailey Winston

Kim Gralen Bryant Banks

Gralen Bryant Banks

Pharmacist Cory Kenshin

Cory Kenshin

Cabbie Victoria Patenaude

Victoria Patenaude

Social Worker Kellen Goff

Kellen Goff

Foxy (voice) (uncredited)