Mavka: The Forest Song
VOTE : 72.61% | RELEASE DATE : 2023-03-02 | GENRES : Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy,
Mavka: The Forest Song

Forest soul Mavka faces an impossible choice between her heart and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with the talented young human musician Lukas.

CAST Наталка Денисенко

Nataliia Denysenko

Mavka (voice) Artem Pyvovarov

Artem Pyvovarov

Lucas (voice) Назар Задніпровський

Nazar Zadniprovskyi

Lesh (voice) Олег Скрипка

Oleh Skrypka

The One, Who Sits in the Rock (voice) Олена Кравець

Olena Kravets

Kylina (voice) Serhii Prytula

Serhii Prytula

Frol (voice) Oleh Mykhailiuta

Oleh Mykhailiuta

Uncle Leo (voice) Наталія Сумська

Nataliia Sumska

The Healer (voice) Юлія Саніна

Julia Sanina

Ondina (voice) Mykhailo Khoma

Mykhailo Khoma

Hush (voice) Ніна Матвієнко

Nina Matviienko

Narrator of the story at the beginning of the movie (voice) Катя Осадча

Katya Osadcha

Ukrainian women (voice) Андрій Мостренко

Andrii Mostrenko

Eric and Derek (voice) Khrystyna Soloviy

Khrystyna Soloviy

Mavka’s songs (voice) Kateryna Kukhar

Kateryna Kukhar

Mavka’s plastics and gestures DakhaBrakha


Village Musicians (voice)