Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate
VOTE : 52.46% | RELEASE DATE : 2024-03-29 | GENRES : Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction,
Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate

Megamind's former villain team, The Doom Syndicate, has returned. Our newly crowned blue hero must now keep up evil appearances until he can assemble his friends (Roxanne, Ol' Chum and Keiko) to stop his former evil teammates from launching Metro City to the Moon.

CAST Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Megamind (voice) Laura Post

Laura Post

Roxanne Ritchi (voice) Josh Brener

Josh Brener

OI' Chum (voice) Maya Tuttle

Maya Tuttle

Keiko Morita (voice) Emily Tuñon

Emily Tuñon

Lady Doppler (voice) Talon Warburton

Talon Warburton

Lord Nighty-Knight (voice) Scott Adsit

Scott Adsit

Pierre Pressure (voice) Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan

Behemoth (voice) Tony Hale

Tony Hale

Mel / Mr. Donut / TV Announcer (voice) Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Machiavillain (voice) Jeanine Mason

Jeanine Mason

Christina Christo / Hostess (voice) Michael Beattie

Michael Beattie

Eccentric Eddie (voice) Eric Fogel

Eric Fogel

Polly 227 (voice) Todd Haberkorn

Todd Haberkorn

Big King Fish (voice) Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy

Blue Mackerel (voice) Joey Rudman

Joey Rudman

Red Snapper (voice) Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith

Mayor (voice) Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Additional Voices (voice) Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Additional Voices (voice) Kimberly Brooks

Kimberly Brooks

Additional Voices (voice)