The Family Plan
VOTE : 73.52% | RELEASE DATE : 2023-12-14 | GENRES : Action, Comedy,
The Family Plan

Dan Morgan is many things: a devoted husband, a loving father, a celebrated car salesman. He's also a former assassin. And when his past catches up to his present, he's forced to take his unsuspecting family on a road trip unlike any other.

CAST Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

Dan Morgan Michelle Monaghan

Michelle Monaghan

Jessica Morgan Maggie Q

Maggie Q

Gwen Zoe Colletti

Zoe Colletti

Nina Morgan Van Crosby

Van Crosby

Kyle Morgan Ciarán Hinds

Ciarán Hinds

McCaffrey Kellen Boyle

Kellen Boyle

Cyrus Saïd Taghmaoui

Saïd Taghmaoui

Augie Felicia Pearson

Felicia Pearson

Toothpick Lateef Crowder

Lateef Crowder

Neck Tattoo Miles Doleac

Miles Doleac

Gold Chain Jonny Coyne

Jonny Coyne

Spiros Kash Abdulmalik

Kash Abdulmalik

Levon Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

Coogan Iliana Norris

Iliana Norris

Max Morgan Vienna Norris

Vienna Norris

Max Morgan Colby Burton

Colby Burton

Trevor Al Vicente

Al Vicente

Car Dealership Manager Jorge Marcus Anderson

Marcus Anderson

Tailgater Ryan Homchick

Ryan Homchick

Car Dealership Salesman Hal Chantal Maurice

Chantal Maurice

Car Dealership Receptionist Deb James Sharpe

James Sharpe

Car Dealership Customer Joey Mekyten

Joey Mekyten

Samir Christian Gehring

Christian Gehring

Aggro Drunk Dude Max Bickelhaup

Max Bickelhaup

Aggro's Buddy Thanhminh Tan Thai

Thanhminh Tan Thai

Aggro's Buddy #2 Nickolas Wolf

Nickolas Wolf

Teen Watching Kyllboi Nolani


Supermarket Cashier Tony L. Calloway

Tony L. Calloway

Mrs. Overmeyer Beau Wilson

Beau Wilson

Beau Robert Hendren

Robert Hendren

Supermarket Store Manager Anisa Nyell Johnson

Anisa Nyell Johnson

Kickboxing Instructor Alexandra Pica

Alexandra Pica

Nervous Friend Dajalynn Sanchez

Dajalynn Sanchez

Ditzy Friend Savanna Gann

Savanna Gann

Woke Friend Sarah Jon

Sarah Jon

Suehyun Bonnie Johnson

Bonnie Johnson

Mrs. Kessler Nichele Lambert

Nichele Lambert

Student Tour Guide Anthony N.

Anthony N.

Turtle Neck Quentin Franco

Quentin Franco

Swede #1 Keith Sayers

Keith Sayers

Swede #2 Kaci Barker

Kaci Barker

Pimply Kid Damian Lamar Lockhart

Damian Lamar Lockhart

Bathroom Guy Sean Michael Weber

Sean Michael Weber

Frat Bro Olivia Healey

Olivia Healey

Freshman Girl Adam Murray

Adam Murray

Motel Receptionist Michael Zazarino

Michael Zazarino

ASU College Prick Jack Ha

Jack Ha

Lazertag Clerk Anthony P. Thomas

Anthony P. Thomas

Robot Guy Ray Kam

Ray Kam

Ren Hayley Keown

Hayley Keown

HyperX Host iiTzTimmy


iiTzTimmy Franco Castan

Franco Castan

Waiter Marcel Valkyrae


Valkyrae David Conk

David Conk

Armored Car Guard #1 Denisha Gillespie

Denisha Gillespie

Armored Car Guard #2 Kevin Dyer

Kevin Dyer

Thief Laura Palka

Laura Palka

News Anchor Levi Gilbert

Levi Gilbert

Swede #3