Talk to Me
VOTE : 71.61% | RELEASE DATE : 2023-07-26 | GENRES : Horror, Thriller,
Talk to Me

When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

CAST Sophie Wilde

Sophie Wilde

Mia Alexandra Jensen

Alexandra Jensen

Jade Joe Bird

Joe Bird

Riley Otis Dhanji

Otis Dhanji

Daniel Miranda Otto

Miranda Otto

Sue Zoe Terakes

Zoe Terakes

Hayley Chris Alosio

Chris Alosio

Joss Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson

Max Alexandria Steffensen

Alexandria Steffensen

Rhea Ari McCarthy

Ari McCarthy

Cole Sunny Johnson

Sunny Johnson

Duckett James Oliver

James Oliver

James Cass Cumerford

Cass Cumerford

Quain / Quain Spirit (voice) Jett Gazley

Jett Gazley

Alex Varolli Kitt Erhart-Bruce

Kitt Erhart-Bruce

Peck Hamish Phillips

Hamish Phillips

Tyson Kidaan Zelleke

Kidaan Zelleke

Aunty Lee Sarah Brokensha

Sarah Brokensha

Fiona Jayden Davison

Jayden Davison

Jayden Jodie Dry

Jodie Dry

Mrs. Falk Frances Cassar

Frances Cassar

Olmen Kelly Butler

Kelly Butler

Olmen Spirit (voice) Ava Stenta

Ava Stenta

Little Girl Audrey Harli Ames

Harli Ames

The Sad Man Leeanna Walsman

Leeanna Walsman

Elizabeth Spirit (voice) Kerry Reid

Kerry Reid

Hungry Woman Robin Northover

Robin Northover

Eerie Man Jacek Koman

Jacek Koman

Burke Spirit (voice) Helene Philippou

Helene Philippou

Possessed Girl on Phone Jude Turner

Jude Turner

Possessed Boy on Phone Zac Scott

Zac Scott

Teen at First Possession Party Jess Kuss

Jess Kuss

Teen at First Possession Party David Roberts

David Roberts

Teen at First Possession Party Demi Van Kasteren

Demi Van Kasteren

Teen at First Possession Party Pia Gillings

Pia Gillings

Teen at First Possession Party Oscar Wangel

Oscar Wangel

Teen at First Possession Party Courtlan Gordan

Courtlan Gordan

Teen at First Possession Party Louisa Giameos

Louisa Giameos

Teen at First Possession Party Jem O'Callaghan

Jem O'Callaghan

Teen at First Possession Party Joe Romeo

Joe Romeo

Teen at First Possession Party Alex Noel McCarthy

Alex Noel McCarthy

Teen at First Possession Party Charlie Morkunas

Charlie Morkunas

Teen at First Possession Party Patricia Haycock

Patricia Haycock

Old Lady in Hospital Murray Haycock

Murray Haycock

Old Man in Hospital Catherine Purling

Catherine Purling

Nurse Nicola Thiele

Nicola Thiele

Predator Spirit David Simmons

David Simmons

Predator Spirit Joseph House Baker

Joseph House Baker

Predator Spirit Alice Scheid

Alice Scheid

Predator Spirit Anita Kimber

Anita Kimber

Predator Spirit Ben Bullock

Ben Bullock

Predator Spirit Brian Godfrey

Brian Godfrey

Predator Spirit Cooper Duncan

Cooper Duncan

Predator Spirit Daniel Pitt

Daniel Pitt

Predator Spirit Danielle Ruggiero-Prior

Danielle Ruggiero-Prior

Predator Spirit Dylan Warren

Dylan Warren

Predator Spirit Emily Fogg

Emily Fogg

Predator Spirit Emily Gun

Emily Gun

Predator Spirit Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Predator Spirit Jessica Homewood

Jessica Homewood

Predator Spirit Kate Portus

Kate Portus

Predator Spirit Lelum Rathnayake

Lelum Rathnayake

Predator Spirit Matt Goldwyn

Matt Goldwyn

Predator Spirit Michael Gilmore

Michael Gilmore

Predator Spirit Philip Maynard

Philip Maynard

Predator Spirit Sarah Baber

Sarah Baber

Predator Spirit Saravjit Singh

Saravjit Singh

Predator Spirit Shadrack Kamau

Shadrack Kamau

Predator Spirit Thomas Gardner

Thomas Gardner

Predator Spirit Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan

Husband in Car Crash Ella Fenwick

Ella Fenwick

Wife in Car Crash Michael Harpas

Michael Harpas

Stranger in Greece Nikolas Gelios

Nikolas Gelios

Young Man in Greece Alex Philippou

Alex Philippou

Man in Greece Con Lipapis

Con Lipapis

Man in Greece Con Patelias

Con Patelias

Man in Greece Louis Vavaroutsos

Louis Vavaroutsos

Man in Greece Uncle Mars

Uncle Mars

Man in Greece Nick Lipapis

Nick Lipapis

Man in Greece